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The sin of interracial marriage

by Herbert W Armstrong
May 1982
[following on from his remarks against interracial marriages in sermons at Pasadena about June 1978, HWA presented this sermon in 1982]

Many members want to be part of this world, but our chance of salvation is now because judgement is upon the House of God now. The world will get its chance later and will have to give account before the judgement seat of Christ.

This subject is causing a lot of trouble.

“Today I would like to speak on what may be the very next attack” on the Church by Satan (ie preventing interracial marriages from taking place in the Church). Then again, ‘Satan is going to use interracial marriage as the next attack upon God’s Church’.

“If we want to be with God, get on his side. Or get on Satan’s side and go into the lake of fire” with regard to this question.

I will not compromise one millionth of an inch on social trends of interracial marriage.

Some say we must have racial balance in this world – we will not go the way of Satan!

‘But I say that for me and my family, we shall serve the eternal God’ (in relation to interracial marriages). [AUDIENCE CLAPS LOUDLY IN SUPPORT- how many would today?]

Today is like the days of Noah – the same things are bringing an end to this world.

HWA said that three evils brought about the end of the world of Noah’s day:

1. wrong foods (including gluttony)
2. wrong drink (including alcoholism)
3. wrong marriages (including interracial marriages)

… therefore God destroyed that world. HWA uses pure logic, deductive reasoning and wisdom – he indeed had the spirit of a sound mind.

Why do black men marry white women and visa versa, but few white men marry black women and visa versa?

This world say that the cause of racial problems is segregation, when in fact the opposite is the case.

The Supreme Court of the USA, without God’s wisdom, but has human ‘wisdom’, wants to mix the races.

That Court has take to itself the notion of good and evil, but God separated the races (Deut. 32).

Integration is the way of Satan.

“I know Satan is going to bring it up and I am going to beat him to the punch”.
Genesis 5 shows that family is important in Genesis. Races are families grown large.

Genesis 11 shows that that they wanted integration, not separation.

“after their families” = “after their races”.

Noah’s righteousness was in his ancestry and not in himself – but in his strain, for non are perfectly righteous.

Noah was white.

Noah’s family remained intact as God had decreed they should.

The Bible uses the word family instead of the word race, but means the same thing in Genesis.

The genealogy of Abram was the same as Noah.

The reason for the separation of married couples in Ezra and Nehemiah is because of race and not religion.

Similarly Abram did not want his descendants to intermarry.

Eg “family of Egypt” = race.

AC “was going so far over to Satan’s way that we had an interracial marriage here” [in late 1970s].

“God is not in favour of interracial marriage” and he refers to Ezra 10:3.

After he ends there is resounding applause.

Here is the complete sermon transcript:


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