Monday, May 18, 2009

Not My Government

You Should NOT be Claiming Civil Liberties, You should be claiming your rights as the Constitution grants them. Common Law. This is Possible! Pass this around. They have us running in circles chasing our tails as they keep us off balance by changing the rules so they can control us with civil laws. Cut them off at their ankle. Expatriate to Constitutional Law. Denounce the 14th Amendment. 14th Amendment was made for Corporate United States you are a entity of their corporation.

They ‘take’ amendments by citizen and national status induced by 14th:

So, are you a United States National?

• Have you unknowingly given up your rights?

Below are a few factors to consider that will determine whether or not you are considered or deemed a national of the United States :

1) Have you signed any government form or participated in any activity that states you must be a “citizen of the United States ” or a “ U.S. citizen”? In example: Voting in any or all state or federal elections, or sign any Social Security or other benefit and/or taxation form, e.g. passport?
2) Because only U.S. citizens can vote, and under international doctrines of law a child carries the nationality of his father, did your father participate in any election in the United States in his lifetime?

3) Do you only fly the flag of the United States and ignore your state flag?

4) Do you refer to America as your country?

These are just some of the legal factors that provide the presumption—or may establish prima facie evidence as a matter of fact or law—that you are a United States national; and accordingly a United States citizen, i.e. citizen of the United States .

If you want to claim to be part of the true sovereignty of the country in which you live, you must terminate the ties between the “federal government” and you—both contractual and political. Understand that if you terminate your political ties with the current system, you technically will not be a citizen of—a State, the United States or America.4 Your political rights de jure—which means “rightful” or “by right” in law—have been stripped from you by the Fourteenth Amendment of the insurgent political system.

As all the state governments have been usurped unlawfully, they have left a way out.5
“I admire PAC’s readiness to inform and assist souls out of the New World .”
—Tupper Saussy, author of Rulers of Evil

Randy (RJ Mills)

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