Friday, July 3, 2009

Send a postcard to the White House

White House Eligibility Postcards

Would you like to send Barack Obama a birthday message this year?

Now's your chance!

Though he has never released a long-form birth certificate, Obama claims to have been born Aug. 4, 1961, in an unnamed Honolulu hospital that has yet to take credit for the historic birth of the baby who would become America's first black president.

WND's SuperStore has designed and printed postcards for the occasion. The front of the card raises the question: "Where's The Birth Certificate?" The back is open for your personalized greetings. The postcards measure at 4.25 x 6.

"I'm encouraging Americans to send these postcards in plenty of time for Barack Obama's birthday," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND and someone who has made it his personal mission to find that missing birth certificate. "This is an opportunity to anyone to send two messages at once to Obama – one concerning the search for truth about his constitutional eligibility for office and the second your own personalized note." Joseph Farah also points out the postcards can be used to send notes to anyone - not just Barack Obama.

"These postcards are not pre-addressed to the White House," he said. "They are postcards that can be used to send to your friends, your member of Congress, your relatives. It's just another way of keeping the issue of eligibility on the front burner - right up through 2012 if necessary."
Purchasers of the postcards will receive mailing addresses for the White House and Congress should they choose to use them for those purposes.

This is just the latest effort by Farah to raise the visibility of an issue he says was ignored by his colleagues in the media and most of the nation's elected officials, including Republicans.

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