Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lou Dobbs under attack by PC racists

Kudos to Lou Dobbs for daring to speak the plain truth! We need more folks willing to take a stand for our nation of laws, our Republic and Constitution, and who refuse to be shouted down, cowed into silence by threats or bullied by the politically correct racist thugs and their leftist tactics of intimidation! If we don't speak up now, who will later?

Dobbs’ wife, Debi Lee Segura, told today she was outside the house when the shot was fired in her direction.

New Jersey State Police Sgt. Steve Jones confirmed troopers were called to Dobbs’ home in rural Wantage, N.J., at about 10:30 a.m. on Oct. 5.

Investigators were told Dobbs and his wife were outside their home when they heard a gunshot, and a bullet struck their attic, reported.

“It struck the siding and then fell to the ground,” Jones said.

Jones said the bullet was taken for analysis, and the incident is still under investigation.

More from Dobbs’ Monday broadcast:

•“If anybody thinks that we’re not engaged in a battle for the soul of this country right now, you’re sorely mistaken. And the more you stay on the sidelines and the more you don’t make your voice heard, the more likely it is that we’re going to lose this battle for the soul of the nation.”

•“My wife and I have been shot at, our driver, my house has been shot and hit. The investigation continues. I’ve had bodyguards now, you know, I’m not in the mood to put up with little fools like Geraldo Rivera.”

•“It’s time we really awaken to what is happening in this country, it is ugly, it has to stop, and we have to find the courage to elect congressmen and senators, and yes, presidents who will speak truth. Not pander and not play politically correct games.”

•“We need to get real about what is happening in this country, and understand that if this battle for the soul of the country is lost, so much is lost that follows. Respect for our laws, respect for our borders, our ports, our national sovereignty.”

•“That respect demands, demands at least an honest debate on Capitol Hill about illegal immigration, it demands at least an honest debate on the airwaves.”

•“Why are we not enforcing laws, why do we not demand respect for our sovereignty, why do we not demand honest, open, straightforward debate.”

•“Why do we not acknowledge who were are, the most most racially, ethnically diverse society on the face of the earth?”

•“Why don’t we talk about how great this nation is, about the great things we accomplished, the great way in which we live, you know, the American way?” Source

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May we turn from our NATIONAL SINS of idolatry and immorality that the CURSE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION comes to its swift end (Daniel 9:11).

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Will Providence permit foreign murderers in our midst (in attitude, if not yet in action) to unleash nuclear fires within our major cities? Will militant minorities work with them against us? Won't our British-Israelite brethren suffer the same within their respective biblical inheritances?

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