Thursday, June 12, 2008

Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters

Ron Paul has announced the conclusion of his Fantastic run for the President of the USA.

Chuck Baldwin stumped for Ron Paul and holds the exact same positions and views, The GOP wouldn't have any part of a Constitutional, Conservative, who would seek to lower federal spending and cut unnecessary programs. Well, Now you should have NO part of the GOP.

We ask that you help restore the Constitution and your Individual Liberties. Please help us change the way Washington does business. We understand that everyone gave until it hurt, when it came to Ron Paul. So did we but we know that the Revolution must continue. We need your help to put a Constitutionalist in office. Can you help us put Chuck Balwin on the ballot in all 50 states? If 4,000 people give just $25 dollars we can achieve our goal. This is your country. Take it back! Help us to do just that.


Chuck Baldwin Fundraising Committee

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